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About Us

​What We Do

Our NFTs products will be sold on NFT Marketplace in order to expand the NFT community in Vietnam. The digital products we create with the aim of supporting society and benefiting NFT's owners. In detail, a part of the profits from the sales of the work will be given to support the unfortunate individuals, as well as non-profit organizations to create a better society. In addition, RYG.Hub - where NFT's owners will be able to participate in with the best and most special benefits (coming soon). Meanwhile, with the remaining profit, we will build a web3 operating system through art, entertainment and music events.

​Why We Are Here

Since this is a new field in Vietnam, RYG.Labs will bring our products to promulgate the market and promote how interesting the Vietnamese NFT artworks are.


We are here to help artists create their opportunities with the environment in which they work. From there, we want to give people hope and inspiration. We will create a new system that will make the conversion of masterpieces into NFTs possibly simple; building the NFT community - where creators can connect and create value for Vietnamese products; connect stakeholders, including creators, business organizations in different fields to build a network to boost the development of the parties. Finally, with all the above activities, Dlabs will support the unfortunate individuals and families, as well as non-profit organizations so that they can continue to follow their dreams.

How We Can FulFill Dreams

In order to make dreams come true and create trust among investors, we will publish a transparent website that clearly shows transaction details from the RYG.Labs's revenues and royalties for everyone to inspect. The project we made with the desire to provide investors with 2 values


Intangible values: We will deduct 25% of the total sales of NFT collections and a total of 25% of royalties that come from NFT trading clients to support the unfortunate not only in Vietnam but also in other countries.


Tangible values: individuals who own our NFT products will be able to join the VVIP club of RYG.Labs. Here, you will receive the best benefits, most favors, quarterly business gifts from RYG.Labs. WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THINGS THAT OTHER PROJECTS HAVE NEVER DONE!

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