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NFT Field

The Creative Technology
Developing Agency

The universal organization for developing and utilizing the power
of blockchain and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Ripple Delete

Web3 Branding

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RYG.Labs will bring our products to promulgate the market Via NFT Collection and Virtual Personal Assistant

Dreamy BoTTy
DB Logo.png

Dreamy BoTTy

NFT Collection

Dreamy BoTTy is build up with the idea of manifesting little things in life, even when you do nothing and dreaming. (81).gif


NFT Collection

Mar$hmellow is our next NFT collection with the idea of reflecting our daily activities and emotions. Mar$hmellow has two versions, day and night life.

Coming Soon

Virtual Personal Assistant

The virtual character is the representative of the brand, conveying messages that have not yet appeared on the market and RYG.Labs were founded to enhance user interaction on digital platforms


Elevate Interaction

On the immersive world

image 31.png


With your NFT characters

image 29.png


​Based on your tasks and needs

​What we aim for the future

Your favorite NFT will be part of your life by being the display of the Virtual Personal Assistant

Immersive interaction with your favorite NFTs will be developed via VR/AR Technology

Artificial Intelligence will be implemented, and works as a core to help you manage and do tasks easily

1ST version feartures

  • Manage Whitelist slots from groups that have joined on Discord

  • Monitor market volatility and issue reports

  • Organize and notify the right app's notification at the right time for the right need

  • Mobile/laptop interoperability

  • Featured open-source plugins allow developers to develop extensions, to diversify and satisfy a wide range of customers

Project   Roadmap

The milestones that will be delivered, and bring benefits for all parties that join with us through this journey

Q1, 2023

Mar$hmellow minting

DB Pass minting

New website

POC of Virtual Personal Assistant

Q2, 2023

Release $RYG token

Collectible NFTs minting

Q3, 2023

3D version of Dreamy BoTTy minting

Add-in features for Virtual Personal Assistant

NFT physical goods

Q4, 2023

POC of mobile app

Open-source plugin features

Dynamic NFTs

Token Banner 1.png

Partnership  Programs

Together, we can grow faster and stronger


We focus on creating long-term value for all hodlers. We are pleased to gather all of the recommendations from our community for navigation.


These programs are built to connect and create values for all participated parties
Building, strengthening the partnership between projects that could lead to the united ecosystem.


By transforming the traditional way of distribute, showcase their masterpieces, we are here to collaborate, support the creators who want to step in the NFT field and Web3.


Due to the approach of Web3, we aim to connect businesses with our partnered communities, develop and provide the growth solutions to spread their brand image among the NFT field.



StarkNet is a permissionless decentralized Validity-Rollup (also known as a “ZK-Rollup”). It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, enabling any dApp to achieve unlimited scale for its computation.

Partner - 13.png
Partner - 14.png
Partner - 17.png
Partner - 18.png
Partner - 16.png

and more


Partnered projects that we have been working on from the beginning and keep developing together.

Partner - 13.png
Property 1=Frame 4.png
Property 1=Frame 2.png
Property 1=Frame 3.png

Join with us
​and stay connected with others

Come and join with at RYG.Labs

Great Community Make

​Great Impacts

About RYG.Labs

Creating Interactive Dynamic NFTs and Provide NFT Marketing Solutions


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